September 28, 2022


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What Is Cogmed Software?

In a five-week training session, cognitive training increases working memory capacity through evidence-based, computerized training. The program is designed to improve attention skills by increasing working memory capacity. Here in this article you will learn What Is Cogmed Software?.

What Is Cogmed Software?
What Is Cogmed Software?

How does working memory work?

From infants to seniors, children and adults use Cogmed software. The symptoms of attention deficit disorders, brain injuries, the effects of normal ageing, and other factors result in some people not performing as well as they should, academically and professionally, even if they are brilliant and productive.

How Does Fast ForWord Work?

ForWord provides cognitive and literacy training for strengthening processing, working memory, attention, and sequencing skills, which are crucial to reading. Following the mental exercise, most students progress to an individual reading instruction program that helps them fill in any gaps in their reading ability.

A child of five years of age or older or an adult with language-based learning disabilities can benefit from Fast ForWord, which helps with reading, auditory processing, and language development.

Cogmed and Fast ForWord are similar.

While Fast ForWord and Cogmed software have different amounts of research done to validate their results – Fast ForWord has more than 240 studies documented, whereas Cogmed has only a few – both have certain features in common:

Boosting learning with cognitive training

Each program exercises cognitive skills in tiny increments while adapting speed and complexity based on the user’s performance. Fast ForWord exercises auditory processing and improves reading skills, while Cogmed exercises working memory for more focus.

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In both cases, neuroscientists developed the technologies. In addition to extensive research in about 50 leading universities worldwide, Fast ForWord was formed by four world-renowned American neuroscientists and cognitive researchers. Scandinavian neuroscientists created the Cogmed software.

Gains that endure

Both programs work cognitively, where skill gains are incorporated into daily life and language and are thus exercised daily because the payments are expected to last. Instruction-based programming or tutoring fails to retain students, as evidenced by retention issues.