August 15, 2022


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Top 5 Tips for Running Youth Group Games

Many enthusiastic kids are waiting for you at the location where you have already picked out the game you want to play. There’s nothing to worry about. I mean, what can you worry about, anyway? The following are five tips for ensuring you have success with youth group games such as DP Boss. Here are the Top 5 Tips for Running Youth Group Games.

Top 5 Tips for Running Youth Group Games
Top 5 Tips for Running Youth Group Games

Get everyone going!

Make sure everyone comes with high energy! Boost your energy by taking deep breaths and jumping up and down before facing the kids! Kids won’t be able to concentrate with a flat face.

Now, get them going! Motivate them. Their enthusiasm will inspire you. By repeating the questions until their energy level matches yours, ask a choral question, “Who’s ready for a game of…?” “Are you ready, Blue Team? Red Team?” Perhaps they can design their teams and chants as well.

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Play the Game.

Your belief in the game must be genuine. Children will pick up on your uncertainty about this game as soon as you give them a hint. It is important to know the game thoroughly and make sure it is the right one for the kids you are working with. Play the game with other children and ask any questions you may have about the rules and game from other teachers or youth leaders who have already done it. Keep it simple when running youth group games for children for the first time.

The key is preparation.

Never underestimate the importance of preparation. When you have studied the rules, write them down on a palm card that you can use when giving instructions to the kids. You may want to choose an appropriate location before you begin the game. Take the weather into consideration, children’s safety, and the boundaries. Set up as much as you can before the kids arrive and have the equipment you need for the game. Provide instructions in a location where the kids can see them.

Focus on the goal

Make sure the kids understand the game’s goal before introducing any game rules. They will understand the rules better if they know what the goal is. You will have an easier time explaining the game’s rules if you think about the end goal.

How to Explain the Rules of the Game

First, sit your kids down and make sure they are focused on you. You don’t want them distracted by anyone or anything around them. Make sure all the children who will be playing are there. You don’t want latecomers to arrive halfway through your presentation.

Keep your rules simple and precise, as kids have short attention spans. Once you have given the instructions, allow the kids to ask questions.