September 28, 2022


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Moving your Way towards Genesis Framework

Blogging with Genesis Framework can change your whole blog. When you start to blog you probably want to build your website on WordPress. But have you ever imagined that a theme can change the whole world around your blogging career. Yes, its the Genesis Framework that is changing the things around. There are many Frameworks similar to Genesis but I found this as better among all of them.

Why Moving your Way towards Genesis Framework?

  • Customization: The customization on Genesis Framework is pretty easier. And you can get the things done very simply and in a much faster manner than any other theme customization.

The best part that I found best on Genesis Framework is that when you first install Genesis Framework its the same for all. But the real thing starts when you start to install the child themes on Genesis Framework. As soon as you install and develop them you will get almost everything that is needed and that too in an easier manner.

Moving your Way towards Genesis Framework

Genesis Framework & Child Themes

Genesis Framework is a work of Studio press. They offer Genesis and Child themes with packages. Genesis is a Framework that runs Child Themes on it. So if you are looking to install Child Themes on your site then you need to first install Genesis. Then just install and activate the Child Themes. You will get a common Genesis but Child Themes are many and you can choose from these themes, according to your need and like. Studio press releases updates for Genesis so it’s recommended not to update Theme.

  • Speed: We have never seen any glitches even with very low-quality servers also when running and testing our website. It’s really great for Genesis to load the website faster.
  • More than WordPress: With Genesis, your WordPress blog will emerge to be more refined and looks dedicated to the blogging stuff. Also, Genesis enhances the overall capability of your websites.

Why Genesis Framework Better?

1.Professional Look: You can change the Child themes very easily and can give professional looks similar to bigger sites with simple tweaks.

2.SEO: Genesis is SEO ready and the themes are optimized for Search Engines by professionals. You just have to put the Title, Tags, Meta keywords and you are ready. There is no need to worry more about Search Engine Optimizations.

The thing I hate about the Genesis Framework?

Price: Although it’s having too many capabilities the main thing that defines any product is its price point. In the case of Genesis, Price is not too high for big companies but they have their own frameworks so they don’t use this and for smaller sites its way too high.

So the price is not justified in some sense as no new person starting to blog would ever want to spend such a huge amount of $70 – 100. Although it’s great for medium and big businesses.

Relatively Heavy: Although we have not found any hang-ups on our website some of the bloggers around say that the loading time of Genesis is more and it put relatively more load on servers. If you have good hosting then it would not be a problem but if you are not having good hosting than installing Genesis is a bad idea.

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Should I go for the Genesis Framework?

If you are using WordPress and using any stock theme you should probably look to change to Genesis. Although its priced too high it justifies in the sense that you will get a good premium theme and SEO optimized theme with the best design at less price. Buying Genesis is better than hiring a web designer, spending your hours of time optimizing pages and designing as all the things are done to the best by the bests in making this theme. Final words if you are having an intention to make your site for a long time and making some great content, go for Genesis without giving it a second thought.