September 28, 2022


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How to Find wifi password without root Android?

There are times once we overlook our password and the only way would be to log in through router. Or set up it again and you have to reset your router. But that’s undoubtedly a very long process. The part that is fantastic is you could employ your Android apparatus to find a WiFi password. Since whenever you link link and your Smartphone, it retains the password for access. And there’s a procedure that will help you to find your wifi password without root. So let’s just get in the issue without wasting much of this time:

How To Find WiFi Password Without Root?

There is two methods that you can use to get the a WiFi Passwords. Both are easy to do you just have to follow the below steps:

Method 1: Accessibility WiFi Password From Settings

How to find wifi password without root Android?

There are zero requirements for you to get any type of WiFi recovery application for Android. WiFi password in your mobile settings as a simple means is to access. Therefore, you Will Have to follow these measures:

  1. In the beginning, visit your device’s settings.
  2. Then tap WiFi and Internet option.
  3. Select your WiFi which is connected
  4. Currently, tap on the WiFi title for which you need to recover your password .
  5. Then tap on the share option, and it will show one of the WiFi passwords of your system.
  6. The Password of connected wifi will be shown on the screen.

This is one of the simplest methods to view saved WiFi passwords. In the event, if you don’t find the above option in your device. Then you can log in to your router and get your WiFi password.

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Method 2: Find WiFi Password Router.

How to find wifi password without root Android?

In the event, if you do have use of the WiFi router it is also possible to use it to see stored passwords on Android without root. Additionally, you will have to have the router credentials with you. That means you’re able to access the WiFi password. Anyway, here are the steps that You Need to follow:

  1. First, start any internet browser in the device.
  2. Then visit your router’s IP address. Or you can try out these two IP addresses’ or’′. (You can find the router IP at the bottom face of your router).
  3. utilize your own username and password to login to a router. You may check the default username: admin and password: admin to login. In case when you haven’t altered your router password.
  4. You will see the wireless security option on your router click on that
  5. You’ll discover an option tagged as a “wireless key” that reflects your WiFi password.

This is another simple method to get the WiFi password from Android without root.

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So that has been the answer to your The Best Way To Find WiFi Password About Android Without Root question. Both of these approaches are straightforward to follow along, and within a moment, you’ll know your WiFi password. So go on and test the steps out and see whether they’re working for you or not. For every other question, do comment below.