August 15, 2022


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How Do You Feel About Your Attitude? Is it a friend or an enemy?

Attitude is something we all possess! In some, a positive attitude is in others, and a negative attitude is in others. A good friend can be your greatest enemy, or a total stranger can be your greatest friend. I have been involved for over four decades in personal growth, self-worth, and other personal development subjects, including giving hundreds of seminars, etc, during that time. Learn How Do You Feel About Your Attitude? Is it a friend or an enemy?.

How Do You Feel About Your Attitude? Is it a friend or an enemy?
How Do You Feel About Your Attitude? Is it a friend or an enemy?

I have concluded that attitudes can determine our future, potential and whether we can maximize our chances of being the happiest, most fulfilled, and positively optimistic. I have categorized the attitudes into four types. In light of that, this article briefly attempts to examine, evaluate, review, and explain four possible scenarios, their implications, and their implications.

1. Positivity of mind.

It takes much more than just responding. Never better, when asked how you are, to have a genuine, positive attitude! A rose-colored -glasses approach does not mean seeing the world through rose-colored lenses; instead, it means keeping a firm grasp of reality and prioritizing ways to achieve rather than reasoning why one might fail. Whenever you face an obstacle, as we do regularly, is it considered a challenge to overcome or a debilitating/self-reducing issue? We seem to perceive things differently than other people, and that determines what results from we achieve, etc., a lot of the time.

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2. Lip – positivity, service.

 It’s not enough to lip – service when you’re positive. You need to feel it for it to be valid! Some claim to have a positive attitude, but in reality, most of them are trying to fool themselves – with their rhetoric!

3. Undecided.

It becomes apparent, quite often, that some don’t have consistent, apparent-cut attitudes and behaviors! Because of this, they often experience fluctuations in mood and behavior, which can hinder their ability to work, be happy, and be well.

4. Depressed mood

We may be our own worst enemy or foe by allowing ourselves to be quickly affected by negativity. There is no right or wrong way to think. There is no right or wrong answer. How we perceive and conceptualize things can often determine our outcome. These words, usually attributed to Henry Ford, embody this principle. 

Man can achieve anything his mind conceives and perceives. Negativity forces us to spend too much time contemplating all the reasons and possible things that may go wrong when we focus on it! In such a case, it adversely affects our thought-process, limiting our options and potential by encouraging procrastination when proactive behavior would have been more appropriate!