September 28, 2022


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Bluetooth icon not showing in windows 10 Fix It easily

If you’re frustrated because the Bluetooth icon not showing in windows 10 then Repair it readily, I am here to give you a hand.

I will inform you out all of the ways to get the icon back into its location. Before that, Check these options to Confirm whether the Bluetooth icon will be on your computer’s taskbar or not.

Bluetooth icon not showing in windows 10 Fix It easily
  1. Verify the icons from the taskbar and telling icon if the Bluetooth icon is present or not. First Check in the taskbar hidden icons. If you not find the icon there Check in the notification icon.

2. Check-in Bluetooth and other device settings, check in setting.

When it isn’t showing the icons without wasting time let us begin.

Bluetooth icon not showing in windows 10(Solved)

If the Bluetooth icon is not showing in taskbar don’t worry you can fix it very easily by the below steps:

  • Enable Bluetooth icon from Bluetooth & other devices settings:
  1. Search for Bluetooth and other devices in the Start search box.
  2. On the right side select the more Bluetooth Option.
  3. In more Bluetooth options select the check box to enable Show the Bluetooth icon in notification area.
  4. Then apply the new settings.

By following the above steps you can get your Bluetooth icon at the notification area the issue is fixed.

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  • Check whether Bluetooth services are working or not:

The functioning and performance of Bluetooth wholly rely on Bluetooth Support Services. Thus, check whether it’s functioning or not.

  1. Press Window key + R to open a run dialog box.
  2. Enter services.msc and press OK.
  3. Now Search for Bluetooth Support.
  4. Left Click On it.
  5. select the Restart.
  6. Again Right click and go to properties to check it now working properly or not.
  7. If it’s not working Click on Start.
  8. Now go to setting and check the status.

If still, it’s Not Working Follow the next step By reinstalling the Bluetooth Driver.

How to Install Bluetooth Driver Windows?

If your Bluetooth is not working properly there is possibility that the Bluetooth Driver must be old so try to update the Bluetooth Driver by following the below Guide.

  • Go to Device Manager by This PC> Properties> Device manger or can search in start search with the keyword Device manger.
  • If you find Bluetooth well and good if not the Click view>show hidden device. There is a possibility you can find it there.
  • If you find it right-click on scan for hardware changes.
  • If it’s not worked uninstall the current driver and reboot your system and install it again.
  • There less then 1% chance to not solve your issue. but If it still not work then uninstall the entire Bluetooth Diver and Re-install it.

Hope the above article will help you to fix this small Bluetooth issue. Try to follow every step as mentioned so you can fix your problem for the first time. if you liked my article feel free to comment and let me know.